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FC35441 FC35441 Corbières Blanc, Le Blanc Paysan, Castelmaure 2017

"I think Mr. Booth's review says it all. This is a lovely, keenly-priced wine."

Mr Gordon Best ( 18-Nov-2019 )

SP14751 SP14751 Maruxa Godello, Valdeorras 2018

"Another potent wine, with great length and solid fruit. 1st glass was sublime, but the 2nd glass needed a hearty veg stew to balance out its overt fruityness. A real crowd pleaser but for some, maybe lacks a touch of subtlety. "

Mr James Brown ( 18-Nov-2019 )

IT26681 IT26681 Pecorino Abruzzo, Contesa 2018

"Reliably delish, but this vintage seems a might more powerful in depth and fruit. So the first glass is a knock out particularly on its own, but further glasses definitely need food, and then it remains a great wine. Otherwise it has the feel of wine made for winning medals. "

Mr James Brown ( 18-Nov-2019 )

FC36051 FC36051 Cantoiseau Blanc, Vin de France 2018

"If you are like me, an everyday wine drinker, who likes really good (expensive) wines but can't afford them daily, then try this. It is absolutely delightful. The commentator who said don't drink this with tomato is teaching his grandmother to for suck eggs. Nothing really suits tomato. Saleta is probably the best contender! Robert Butler"

Mr Robert Butler ( 18-Nov-2019 )

SP14481 SP14481 Finca Lallana Verdejo 2018

"Lovely and refreshing, sort of tangy like Roses lime marmalade. always reliable , great on its own but better still with a stir fry "

Mr James Brown ( 18-Nov-2019 )

BW6441 BW6441 La Perrière, Bordeaux Blanc 2018

"Lean and mean. Perhaps it needs a few more mths but there’s an over predominance of unripe Sauvignon Blanc and precious little semillon. It bears no semblance to previous vintages. My wife thought it was a cheapy from [a supermarket]! Enough said."

Mr James Brown ( 18-Nov-2019 )

CH3601 CH3601 Champagne Boizel Grand Vintage Brut 2008

"Disappointing. A full, rich, cooked apple nose but the taste wasn't there. Not very expressive or complex, no length. Ordinary."

Mr Richard Morris ( 18-Nov-2019 )

RH53861 RH53861 Côtes-du-Rhône, Domaine du Séminaire 2018

"A 4.5* Very dark red with taste to match. Not overly fruity, but a smooth very drinkable wine. I'd like it a less chalky, but that's not something that is going to stop me buying more."

Mr Nick Parkin ( 17-Nov-2019 )

IT26561 IT26561 Castel Serranova, Salento, Vallone 2015

"Not sure about this one. Odd, slightly off-putting nose that we couldn't quite place. High acidity, with lots of black cherry, but also oddly sweet. Very drinkable but probably wouldn't buy again."

Mr Matthew Huntingford ( 17-Nov-2019 )

BJ7851 BJ7851 Stéphane Aviron, Maison de la Madrière, Fleurie Vieilles Vignes 2017

"Hmm, another Beaujolais that just didn’t do it for me. Not saying it’s bad, but it a not the friendliest wine. Needs food to balance its somewhat aloof personality. With a pilaff of leeks, smoked bacon and mushrooms, it eventually relaxed, revealing some pretty floral aromas and even a fun, tinned strawberry extravagance. But overall, this isn’t what good Cru Beaujolais is all about for me. Soz."

Mr William Thomas ( 17-Nov-2019 )

SP14821 SP14821 The Society's Southern Spanish Red, Jumilla 2018

"Pretty good cheap easy-drinking red. Probably not as smooth as last year's offering; but I'll be ordering again."

Mr Richard Hadfield ( 17-Nov-2019 )

GE10971 GE10971 Nackenheimer Rothenberg Riesling Spätlese, Gunderloch 2015

"A splendid wine! Classic Riesling on the nose and palate with long, lingering aftertaste. Even at this price, good value. 96 out of 100."

Mr Robert J Elliot ( 17-Nov-2019 )

GE11971 GE11971 Grauburgunder Sonnenberg, Weingut Jülg 2017

"My wine group rated this at 88 out of 100 and didn't think it worth £20. "

Mr Robert J Elliot ( 17-Nov-2019 )

AC19323 AC19323 Fizz & Chocolates

"How is this a case of 3?! 1 tin of chocolates and 1 bottle of wine adds up to case of 2"

Mrs Amanda Leishman ( 17-Nov-2019 )

FC35631 FC35631 Coteaux du Languedoc Blanc Cocalières, Domaine Aupilhac 2017

"This a good wine that actually does taste of hazelnuts and which is better with food (we had grilled chicken)! And if it were priced around the £10 or £12 mark, I would give it four stars. But there are so many other wines at less than £17 on the Society's list that are at least as good, that this one, in my view, does not represent value for money, "

Mr Gordon Best ( 17-Nov-2019 )

FC35651 FC35651 Fitou Origines, Domaine Bertrand-Bergé 2016

"This is a very satisfying Fitou. Dark and full of flavour. Was able to taste-test it against a posh supermarket's offering which cost 3 quid more. The Origines beat it hands down. Great wine for the price! Enjoying it now with roast lamb. Salut! "

Mr David P Gardner ( 17-Nov-2019 )

NZ10841 NZ10841 Kumeu River Hunting Hill Pinot Noir 2017

"I thought this was a lovely fragrant wine and good value compared to Burgundy prices. If you like pinot noir you'll like this. "

Mr Steven Bliss ( 17-Nov-2019 )

RH49931 RH49931 Gigondas, Domaine Raspail-Ay 2015

"On Friday night we had a full bottle of this Raspail-Ay Gigondas 2015 with a rack of Welsh Saltmarsh Lamb in the company of friends. I have been a fan of Raspail-Ay for years, and the 2015 is at the top of the heap. I decanted the wine in plenty of time, and it performed just like I hoped that it would. On this occasion my male mate gulped it down with nary a reaction (No surprise there LOL!!) but his wife on tasting stopped in her tracks, and looked at me with utter astonishment in her eyes but not a word exchanged. They were not required!! She sipped whilst his allotment had been consigned to history. One does not choose friends according to their palate, this being a perfect example of the rule. I should say that is not the first time an occurrence of this sort has happened. John Livingstone-Learmonth in his assessment of the Gigondas 2015 vintage wines gave this Raspail-Ay Five Stars. Note, the wine that scored higher was the Perrins L'Argnee which got Six; his top mark in Gigondas in 2015 and the ONLY one awarded this accolade. Marcel described the L'Argnee as "Mightily complex" and J L-L with an "Earth shaking quality" So terrific company to be in, might I suggest? If you have some, then congratulations most certainly are in order. Jeb Dunnuck and Josh Raynolds at Vinous have scored the Raspail-Ay 2015 wine highly. I checked on the 5th of November and there were 27 cases left in stock. Today, the 17th of November there are a scant 16 cases remaining. Order one bottle or a case, it doesn't matter, all that does is that you become acquainted with how good Raspail-Ay really is. Then when 2016/7/8 come along, it will be on your shopping list!?! "

Soorat Singh Esq ( 17-Nov-2019 )

FC36321 FC36321 Pic Saint-Loup Espérance, Château de Valflaunès 2017

"Delightful soft yet complex wine which went beautifully with a vegetarian wellington. The herby mushrooms flavours paired well with the wine. All guests very impressed and wanted to know the source."

Mr Nigel T Coulthard ( 17-Nov-2019 )

AR3991 AR3991 The Society's Exhibition Mendoza Malbec 2017

"Wow! This Malbec has shot to my favourite bottle of 2019. What more need I say."

Mr David Davies ( 17-Nov-2019 )

IT26641 IT26641 Piemonte Cortese 2018

"As a new member this was the first Wine Society bottle I tried so all bodes well for the future! I had this with an Asparagus, Orange & fennel risotto and the citrus in both matched perfectly, it also drank well on its own, next day. "

Mr Michael Perkins ( 17-Nov-2019 )

SA14711 SA14711 Percheron Old-Vine Cinsault, Western Cape 2018

"Great for the price, easy drinking and very pleasant!"

Mr Carl Brooks ( 17-Nov-2019 )

FC36881 FC36881 Côtes de Provence Rosé, Château Riotor 2018

"So delicious! Inviting fruity nose - more redcurrant than strawberry with hints of spice. Medium acidity, creamy mouthfeel and juicy, yummy balanced fruit. Feels full and dry at the same time. Holds its alcohol very well - good length. One of those wines that are very easy to drink - bottle almost two thirds gone before you know it! If it was in a case of 6, I'd re-order instantly; still tempted by 12 bottles that would start next summer off in the best way possible."

Mr Gary Davison ( 16-Nov-2019 )

IT27491 IT27491 Chianti Classico, Fontodi 2016

"To add to the below., after having my umpteenth bottle..the best FONTODI Classico yet, if that's not clear. Despite the sizeable production, I'm amazed it's not sold out! "

Mr Daniel Lovedale ( 16-Nov-2019 )

PW7532 PW7532 Half bottle of Esporão Monte Velho Tinto, Alentejano 2018

"Fruit, acidity and tannin in harmony. Drank well with pork chops in a cider and cream cheese sauce. "

Mr Trefor Rosser-James ( 16-Nov-2019 )

AU21761 AU21761 Madfish Western Australian Riesling 2018

"Very good value for under a tenner. TWS description is spot on. Mouth puckering citrus both in the nose and the palette. Very dry and precise. I do hope that TWS description is correct in the development of the wine because I have out some in reserve. "

Mr Tom Rodger ( 16-Nov-2019 )

AL14531 AL14531 Pinot Gris 'Les Prélats' Domaine Ginglinger 2017

"Perfectly acceptable but lacks much character. Should be more to a wine sold at this price."

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 16-Nov-2019 )

PW7531 PW7531 Esporão Monte Velho Tinto, Alentejano 2018

"Very fruity and enjoyable . Tremendous value for money."

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 16-Nov-2019 )

AR3991 AR3991 The Society's Exhibition Mendoza Malbec 2017

"Very good wine. Extremely smooth and balanced - if anything a little short on acidity."

Mr Colin Mitchell ( 16-Nov-2019 )

SP14361 SP14361 Parcelas Ecológico Monastrell, Yecla 2017

"Here’s one that definitely goes under the radar. Hugely enjoyable and the description is bang on: good concentration of flavour. And a very satisfying hit of alcohol I might add. "

Mr Michael Cuell ( 16-Nov-2019 )

CE10221 CE10221 Lascar Classic Carmenère 2018

"Fabulous stuff for the money. Another great bargain from the Society. I have the Undurraga Camenere. Not tried that yet but I will, in any even, order this again; it is such good value. "

Mr Michael Cuell ( 16-Nov-2019 )

CB5421 CB5421 Château La Grave de Bertin Réserve, Bordeaux 2016

"I had this wine in the Bordeaux Regional Reds case in a selection of 6 wines. For me this was the best of the 6, smooth with plenty of character including a shade of nice dark bitterness. A bonus is that it was also the lowest price wine in the case."

Mr Nigel Helsby ( 16-Nov-2019 )

AU21971 AU21971 The Society's Australian Shiraz 2017

"Easy every day drinking. Red and black fruits with a hint of spice. Smooth, good value for money. "

Mr Timothy Mason ( 16-Nov-2019 )

PW7341 PW7341 Al-Ria Tinto, Algarve 2017

"Really enjoyed this wine. really smooth bursting with flavour and long finish. Will defiantly buy again. good value for money. "

Mr Stefano King ( 16-Nov-2019 )

IT26791 IT26791 The Society's Pinot Grigio 2018

"This is a WS 'never lets you down' wine and the 2018 is as good as ever! Very versatile in relation to food and is perfect to drink on its own too. Well priced and can recommend with confidence. An automatic re-order wine."

Mr Terence Eastham ( 16-Nov-2019 )

FC36041 FC36041 Domaine Laborie, Pays d'Oc 2018

"Great everyday wine for the price! "

Mr Martin Black ( 16-Nov-2019 )

IT27591 IT27591 Rosso di Toscana Vecchia Annata, Villa di Vetrice 1999

"I can perhaps see where the varied reviews have originated. Initially the nose seems quite closed and perhaps it never really becomes a big part of this wine's appeal, but there are some excellent and intriguing flavours once it gets some air. I thought that the last glass was the best, after the bottle had been opened for 3 days, with a taste of spiced fruitcake with subtle tannins and still quite a bit of fruit. There is a little tartness to begin with, but nothing like a young Chianti - this wine has mellowed into something quite interesting, although there wasn't much of a leather aroma or taste for me. A little expensive, perhaps, but it is 20years old! Will order another one to try again. "

Mr Gary Davison ( 16-Nov-2019 )

LO14721 LO14721 Touraine Chenonceaux, Domaine de la Renaudie 2017

"For the price, this is a really good wine. Fruity yet flinty dry. Rather than the classic cat's pee and nettles of a typical SB, this one has slight undertones of damp fabric (much more pleasant than it sounds). I will be ordering more."

Mr Terry McAuliffe ( 16-Nov-2019 )

SP13621 SP13621 Glorioso Crianza, Rioja 2015

"Lovely weight of red berry fruit. Tannins smooth. Long finish. Really nice. Went really well with Slow cooked 5-spice pork. Good value."

Mr Paul Stuart-Kregor ( 16-Nov-2019 )

IT27601 IT27601 Rosso di Toscana Vecchia Annata, Villa di Vetrice 2006

"Before writing this review I have to confess: I am not an expert on red, let alone Italian red. Vivid and clear reddish purple, with some brick colouring at the edges.  Great aroma.  Starts smooth, no fruit, then a strong and bitter tang dominates. Gets worse with air.  Well past its best?  Disappointing,  given the raft of five star reviews previously.  Still, it could have been worse.  I could have bought the 1999. Tasted versus a 2012 Oregon Pinot Noir from J Christopher (which was much better)."

Mr Keith Noble-Nesbitt ( 15-Nov-2019 )

SP14571 SP14571 Cepa Gavilán Crianza, Ribera del Duero 2016

"Fruit, vanilla and tannins all to the fore, but not best balanced to my taste, the latter two overly forward. Give it time for the tannins to soften and you'd have a wine to celebrate. But it's all a matter of taste...."

Mr Stuart Paterson ( 15-Nov-2019 )

RH53941 RH53941 Ventoux Les Traverses, Paul Jaboulet Aîné 2018

"Paul Jaboulet Aine's name on the label is a guarantee of quality. This blend of grenache and syrah is lighter than Aussie equivalents but full of flavour - notably raspberry, both fruit and leaf. The label says best drunk young but it might be even better in a year or two's time. Great value. I'd definitely buy again."

Mr Stuart Paterson ( 15-Nov-2019 )

RH49931 RH49931 Gigondas, Domaine Raspail-Ay 2015

"Incredible value for money - think of this as a high quality Chateauneuf-du-Pape substitute at half the price. It carries its ripe fruit with incredible elegance, never feeling overdone or flabby. There is a great tension between the richer fruit and the freshness on the palate. Serve just above cellar temperature for maximum benefit. A truly excellent wine packed full of southern rhone cliché."

Mr Paul Jaines ( 15-Nov-2019 )

AU21961 AU21961 Billi Billi Grampians Shiraz 2017

"Delicious !! Not usually a fan of Shiraz, but this was gorgeous, really nice on the nose and good length. Would definitely buy again. "

Mr Christopher Warman ( 15-Nov-2019 )

IT26301 IT26301 The Society’s Chianti Rufina 2016

"I have to agree with the other reviews, found this very acidic and thin. Finished bottle off the next evening and tasted no better!!"

Mr Christopher Warman ( 15-Nov-2019 )

RH49945 RH49945 5-Litre Box of Côtes-du-Rhône, Famille Jaume

"Very happy to recommend this box. Convenient format, decent quality wine for the price (works out at approx £1 per glass). It's not top quality, but a good everyday Cotes du Rhone with plenty of black fruits and spices. It stayed fresh for over a month and I will re-order. I hope the Society can persuade other suppliers to provide wines in this format (Messrs Sichel and Hugel in particular). I would certainly be willing to pay more for better quality wine."

Kevin Finn Esq ( 15-Nov-2019 )

BU66911 BU66911 The Society's Exhibition Pouilly-Fuissé 2016

"Rather underwhelming. Paired with a scallop casserole & thought this would cope with & enhance. To me had a relatively rich feel in the mouth initially but lacked flavour & length. Would probably cope better paired with some oysters but for this price with oysters could get a much better pouilly fume or almost 2 good muscadet bottles. "

Dr Matthew Davies ( 15-Nov-2019 )

RH53881 RH53881 Grignan-les-Adhémar, Delas 2018

"My third vintage. The quality is consistent across all 3. Great value at the price. Medium bodied and a deep purple hue. Black fruit, white pepper and spice with just a hint of fig. "

Mr Tom Rodger ( 15-Nov-2019 )

PW7281 PW7281 Old Vines in Young Hands Tinto 2016

"A nice wine for the price. Good flavour, but not a favourite. "

Miss Oonagh Langrishe ( 15-Nov-2019 )

NZ11301 NZ11301 Momo Marlborough Pinot Noir 2017

"Mr Skelsey makes a fair point in relation to blind tasting, but nevertheless I would go further and say this is 'very' pleasant wine and would argue that it is good value at the price point, simply on that basis. I enjoy medium bodied reds almost exclusively these days and this is one of the nicest I've tasted in some time. I haven't tried the Soli but don't care for the Kumeu PN that Nigel mentioned at all. I'd recommend this highly for anyone who prefers medium body reds, bearing in mind its uncharacteristic nature. "

Mr Terence P Ace ( 15-Nov-2019 )

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