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CB5941 CB5941 Château Canada, Bordeaux Supérieur 2018

"This is my 'go to daily qwoffing wine', great for the price but a pity the 2018 vintage is now 13.5% alc. And, why aren't there more Bordeaux Superior Reds on the WS list? "

Mr Richard Albrecht ( 02-Jul-2020 )

SP14661 SP14661 The Society's White Rioja 2018

"I really enjoyed this, dryish, light wine, great to accompany a pork dish I had, and very easy drinking. "

Miss Lisa Power ( 02-Jul-2020 )

FC38331 FC38331 Domaine Laborie, Pays d'Oc 2019

"Really nice full bodied fruity red, full of Southern sunshine. Great with a meaty pasta supper. Would definitely reorder. "

Mr Justin Beevor ( 02-Jul-2020 )

IT28371 IT28371 Langhe Nebbiolo, Rizzi 2017

"Decanted an hour before serving. Beautiful limpid pale ruby colour. The nose was fab. Not quite tar and roses, more, tar and violets with plenty of spicy red cherry and red berry fruit. More complex notes of dried flowers / pot pourri became apparent with air. On tasting, fruit flavours were similar to the nose bur with notes of liquorice, herbs and spice too. Fresh acidity and ripe but cheek puckering tannins provided structure and plenty of grip. Its 14.5% ABV be came apparent on the warming red fruited finish. On day two, the tannins had softened and there was even better integration of flavour. A great wine for the money. Five stars for value."

Mr Mark Barton ( 02-Jul-2020 )

FC35051 FC35051 Bergerac Rouge, Château Tour des Gendres 2017

"We loved this wine! We don't usually go for a merlot but love a malbec. It was rich, deep and delicious."

Mrs Sophie Hawthorn ( 02-Jul-2020 )

RH54771 RH54771 Costières de Nîmes La Ciboise, Chapoutier 2018

"Sorry to disagree with the rave reviews, but I just didn’t much like this, nor did my wife for whom CdeR is her go to red. Found it a bit thin and slightly cupboardy. Don’t think bottle was off. Tasted better on second night and did open up a bit more. Two stars is probably harsh, but frankly the Society does some much better CdeR in the £8-9 Mark than this."

Mr David Walker ( 02-Jul-2020 )

AU22581 AU22581 Vasse Felix Classic Dry Red 2018

"Vases Felix make excellent wines and this is a steal for a tenner. Full bodied, some pepper but not too much. Great gutsy bbq red or on its own."

Mr David Walker ( 02-Jul-2020 )

RH51061 RH51061 Cairanne, Pierre Amadieu 2016

"I bought six bottles of this 2016 vintage a few months ago and stowed it at the bottom of a stack of imminent to mid-term contenders in our Kent porch-cum-larder. I was minded to heed the advice in the wine notes and give it “a little while to come around fully”. And I might have done so, but for the pressure of retirement. I mean an unscheduled early retirement of indefinite length, enforced by coronavirus in my type of work in the entertainment sector. Nevertheless in such unhappy circumstances I know I am not alone in finding solace and pleasure in the time redeemed. So before I forget I’ll come to the wine ... the Pierre Amadieu 2016 Cairanne is quite lovely. It is measured and it is refined ... to be savoured rather than gulped. Greater value on all fronts. Yes I have no doubt that it will develop in bottle and give more pleasure and eagerly await delivery of my reorder."

Mr Stephen B Topping ( 02-Jul-2020 )

RH53381 RH53381 Lirac Blanc La Fermade, Domaine Maby 2018

"This is a favourite in our house, although maybe this vintage is slightly below the heights of previous? Southern Rhone whites are quite distinctive wines - much more powerful than many others and so won't be everyone's liking. We think the description is accurate - full flavoured, dry and crisp. It has good length too. But if your taste is for a sauvignon blanc style, you may be a touch surprised as it certainly isn't such a style Perhaps best consumed with food - we just enjoyed the wine with pan fried Cornish hake and new potatoes from the garden: it was a great match."

Mr Richard Prince ( 01-Jul-2020 )

SH931 SH931 Alegria Manzanilla

"I'm surprised by reference to La Gitana in other reviews this, for me, far outstrips by any comparison Smooth and clean with no coarseness whatsoever My go to Manzanilla is Pastrana but I was pleasantly surprised by Alegria and at a great price too"

Mr Steven Foster ( 01-Jul-2020 )

US9171 US9171 Brazin Lodi Old-Vine Zinfandel 2017

"A stunning wine, for the price. Full and balanced like a barolo, but the liquorice burst of a finish just makes it something special. "

Mr Sean McGuinness ( 01-Jul-2020 )

SP14661 SP14661 The Society's White Rioja 2018

"Found this to be really bland "

Miss Louise Byrne ( 01-Jul-2020 )

AU22111 AU22111 Full Moon Victoria Shiraz-Zweigelt 2019

"This is very well balanced and the best wine I've had so far from WS. Very happy and will be ordering again, also the story behind the vineyard setup is a nice added touch in the wine taste notes."

Mr Lee Betts ( 01-Jul-2020 )

PW8091 PW8091 Adega de Pegões Colheita Seleccionada, Península de Setúbal 2019

"Great wine for the price. Suitable as an aperitif and with food. Complex minerality with almond and citrus flavours. Nice oily feel in the mouth. "

Mr Martin Hughes ( 01-Jul-2020 )

CE10991 CE10991 The Society's Chilean Carmenère Rapel Valley 2019

"Great inexpensive wine. Don't hesitate to buy a case."

Mr James Deissler ( 01-Jul-2020 )

SP15431 SP15431 Saleta Moscatel-Sauvignon Blanc 2019

"I have been buying this for several years but am a little disappointed with the 2019 vintage, which to me tastes sharper than earlier vintages and lacks the slight petillance and flowery note of earlier vintages."

Mrs Hilary Clark ( 01-Jul-2020 )

IT28371 IT28371 Langhe Nebbiolo, Rizzi 2017

"I think you’re all mistaken, this was full of cherry fruit, very soft, spicy but delicate on the nose, a bit tannic but otherwise very nice. Tempted to give it a five to help drive up the average, but decided not to."

Mr Edmond Mandell ( 01-Jul-2020 )

CE10951 CE10951 The Society's Chilean Pinot Noir, Leyda 2019

"Enjoyed this wine. Very decent Pinot for the price. An easy drinker which won’t break the bank. "

Mr Neil Goody ( 01-Jul-2020 )

FC39024 FC39024 Magnum of Bandol Rosé, Domaine Tempier 2019

"Re Bandol Rose magnum offer I have just received the email offer and immediately tried to order 3 bottles but am told there is ‘insufficient stock’. Why offer it then??"

Mr Christopher De Glanville ( 01-Jul-2020 )

AR4231 AR4231 Catena Cabernet Sauvignon Special Selection for The Wine Society 2018

"Delicious! Really interesting Argentinian blend - great value from the wine society and a notable winemaker"

Miss Victoria Morrison ( 01-Jul-2020 )

FC38581 FC38581 The Society's French Pinot Noir 2019

"Lovely mellow wine, easy to drink with food or just a glass on a night time, for its price you cant go wrong "

Kevin A Mager Esq ( 01-Jul-2020 )

FC37341 FC37341 Côtes de Provence Blanc Cru Classé, Château du Galoupet 2016

"Worth trying a bottle. Subtlety herbaceous wine and certainly slightly different to most French dry whites. Worked well with summer chicken and garlicky salad. Would buy again"

Mr Mike Leigh ( 01-Jul-2020 )

FC38931 FC38931 Côtes de Provence, Miraval Rosé 2019

"Very nice dry rose. Was worried it was going to be overrated as vineyard is celebrity owned but price point was spot on. Certainly worth the money and will definitely buy again "

Mr Mike Leigh ( 01-Jul-2020 )

BU72261 BU72261 The Society's White Burgundy 2018

"Lovely burgundy, smooth and easy to drink, fresh and nice and dry ,good value for the price"

Kevin A Mager Esq ( 01-Jul-2020 )

US9141 US9141 Peltier Road Californian Sauvignon Blanc 2019

"Excellent wine, a steal at this price. No sharp or acidic taste, lovely nose. Thoroughly enjoyable so I bought two boxes which arrived early this afternoon."

R E Smith Esq ( 01-Jul-2020 )

BJ8271 BJ8271 Domaine Coudert, Clos de la Roilette Fleurie 2018

"Black fruit, ripe soft tannins, polished and lovely mouth feel. I do think this will definitely benefit with more bottle age as it was quite closed to start and took some time to open out in the glass."

Mr Graham Farrant ( 01-Jul-2020 )

AU22541 AU22541 Vasse Felix Filius Margaret River Chardonnay 2018

"Not sure about remarkably complex. But it is crisp & a little toasty with a generous lick of acidity. Goes down very easily. Below £10 on a deal at another retailer it's great value."

Mr Martyn Simmons ( 01-Jul-2020 )

AL15311 AL15311 The Society’s Vin d’Alsace 2018

"A stunning introduction to Alsace whites, no doubt! Teetering on bone dry, with plenty of minerality, alongside an intriguing stone fruit & floral nose. I think this terrific value and certainly something I’d buy again - to enjoy with or without food. "

Mr Oscar Drewitt ( 01-Jul-2020 )

BJ8481 BJ8481 The Society's Exhibition Fleurie 2019

"It is very good. Certainly, it is drinkable now. For my taste, it would benefit from one more year of cellaring. "

Mr Grenville Collins ( 01-Jul-2020 )

RH53851 RH53851 The Society's Exhibition Crozes-Hermitage 2017

"I absolutely love this beautiful wine. Such a brilliant construction. It may be that I somehow got a bottle with the wrong label, there were tastes that I have never come across before. I hardly dare open the next bottle for fear that it will not be as good! "

Mr Grenville Collins ( 01-Jul-2020 )

LO15191 LO15191 Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil ‘Les Rouillères', Domaine Frédéric Mabileau 2017

"Lots of quite justifiable praise has been heaped on this one. However, I do feel that if it is kept until this time next year it will be at its quintessence. "

Mr Grenville Collins ( 01-Jul-2020 )

IT29581 IT29581 Teroldego Rotaliano Riserva Castel Firmian Mezzacorona 2015

"Simply delicious and beautifully mellow. Very good indeed At under a tenner a bottle it seems that the Wine Society has done it yet again. It would be interesting to keep half a dozen bottles to see how it develops. "

Mr Grenville Collins ( 01-Jul-2020 )

FC37541 FC37541 Minervois, Plaisir d'Eulalie, Château Sainte-Eulalie 2018

"The producer appears to have a vintage consistency enviable by southern hemisphere standards. The wine is ripe, fruit forward but with acidity to balance, mouth filling, but in no way over blown and stewed. Lovely stuff, and considering VFM, scored higher than the top (2017) cuvee Cantilene."

Dr Philip Dodd ( 30-Jun-2020 )

RH51191 RH51191 Côtes-du-Rhône, Château Courac 2015

"If you want a great value Rhone, this is it. Lots of soft fruit but with plenty of body as well. Not particularly complex but a great all-rounder that goes well with food and is also perfectly quaffable on its own. "

Mr Arthur Butler ( 30-Jun-2020 )

BU65611 BU65611 Jean-Marc Vincent Santenay Rouge Vieilles Vignes 2015

"Rather underwhelming for what is a great vintage so it didn't really appeal to my palate. There is plenty of acidity which I don't like particularly in Burgundian reds but not a great deal of fruit, depth or finish."

Mr Nigel E Morecroft ( 30-Jun-2020 )

IT28361 IT28361 Chianti Classico, Castello La Leccia 2016

"2016 was a good year for Chianti Classico. This was very nice - need to try a few more to comparer. "

Mr Richard Simon ( 30-Jun-2020 )

IT27151 IT27151 The Society's Barbera d'Asti Superiore 2017

"A fair wine at this price point."

Mr Richard Simon ( 30-Jun-2020 )

PW8031 PW8031 Esporão Monte Velho Tinto, Alentejano 2019

"Around this price point is packed with excellent value wines from Iberia in TWS list..This would not be our favourite but Pierre Mansour’s final sentence sums it up for us.Fruity fruity fruity.I agree it lacks tannins but it is non the less enjoyable with or without food."

Mr Keith G Napier ( 30-Jun-2020 )

FC38211 FC38211 Domaine la Croix Belle, Côtes de Thongues, Champ du Coq 2017

"I must admit I have a sentimental soft spot for this wine and it is good to find it available at The Wine Society. I have holidayed often in the next village, have visited La Croix Belle and tasted samples of various of their wines, served by Mme Boyer herself. Le Champ du Coq is warming, almost spicy, with the caramel richness of dates. At the end there is a vanilla tang that seems to subtly balance the sweetness: It makes for a wholly rounded experience. More Domaine La Croix Belle please! "

Mr Bruce Amos ( 30-Jun-2020 )

FC38541 FC38541 The Society's Corbières 2018

"I have had Corbières wine in the past and loved it but was extremely disappointed with this bottle. I didn’t taste the spice or ripe fruit mentioned. Instead a very dry an unpleasant taste. I tried it again the next day to see if was a clash of palette but it still had a strange and unpleasant lingering taste. "

Mrs Lynne Poole ( 30-Jun-2020 )

RH54771 RH54771 Costières de Nîmes La Ciboise, Chapoutier 2018

"Bought this wine during lock down last May, certainly lifted my spirits and it has received many compliments from friends since."

Mr Norman Marston ( 30-Jun-2020 )

IT29501 IT29501 Etna Rosso Fondo Filara, Nicosia 2017

"I give this 3 and a half stars. I do not see why there are so many negative reviews. I like drinking light reds and this didn't disappoint. Not as much depth as some of the pinots I enjoy drinking but for £12.50 I would not knock it. Although for another £2.00 I would go for the German Pinot I have been guzzling the last month or so."

Mr Charles A Sturt ( 30-Jun-2020 )

BU67871 BU67871 Domaine de Montille, Beaune Premier Cru Les Grèves 2016

"Responses to reviews from WS buyers are to be welcomed but I'm puzzled why Mr Morrall didn't address the points made by Mr Vradenberg."

Mr Richard Morris ( 30-Jun-2020 )

AA2911 AA2911 Domaine Gobelsburg Grϋner Veltliner 2018

"A great Gruner Veltliner ideal for chilled summer drinking out in the sun. Initially bought a bottle as part of a mixed case but enjoyed it so much we came back for a full case of 12 to cover us for the rest of the summer."

Mr Andrew Brown ( 30-Jun-2020 )

IT26301 IT26301 The Society’s Chianti Rufina 2016

"Ok let me explain. I gave this 5 stars because its a great wine but also because of the value point. I love Chianti Classico but can you get a bottle for less than about £13? This is not a Classico, but it IS head and shoulders above any supermarket chianti I have ever bought in a long search for quality at the right price. I can and will drink this wine on a regular basis. I can recommend it as a very nice smooth red wine with character. "

Mr Anthony Johnson ( 30-Jun-2020 )

AA2861 AA2861 Stift Klosterneuberg St Laurent 2018

"Tastes like leather. In a good way. Lovely bottle, nice label. Cant blame the Austrians for tryong, zzzzzzzz"

Mr Michael Murphy ( 30-Jun-2020 )

RH43281 RH43281 Saint Joseph Poivre et Sol, Domaine Villard 2013

"Medium/light bodied, mature wine. Peppery character, obviously! OK value, but there are better choices from the Society’s northern Rhône list, in my opinion."

Mr Michael Tadman ( 29-Jun-2020 )

RH50421 RH50421 Côtes-du-Rhône Le Temps est Venu, Stéphane Ogier 2016

"Mediocre at best. Acceptable VFM at the bin end price but I’d rather have gone elsewhere. I remember previous vintages to be better - more perfumed."

Mr Michael Tadman ( 29-Jun-2020 )

BJ7901 BJ7901 The Society’s Beaujolais-Villages 2018

"I am happy to reiterate the other positive reviews for this wine. 20 minutes in the fridge, and this definitely hits the spot. A lovely fruity crunch, with a bit of structure and only 13%. I mean really, what’s not to like?! "

Mr Peter Minns ( 29-Jun-2020 )

PW8031 PW8031 Esporão Monte Velho Tinto, Alentejano 2019

"I have had previous vintages of this wine before and also enjoyed it while on holiday in Portugal. At £7.75 a bottle, it has always reminded me of good value, however, I opened a bottle yesterday and it was awful. The wine wasn't corked, but was devoid of any decent flavours and was quite sharp/acidic. Sadly, I have another bottle of it on the wine rack that I will not be drinking! "

Mr Colin Bell ( 29-Jun-2020 )


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