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BU72261 BU72261 The Society's White Burgundy 2018

"This is our 'house white' of choice. Amazing Macon for the price, hence 5 stars. Universal praise from guests, including Californian natives surrounded by Chardonnay! Had a case over Christmas; has the weight to cut through creamy sauces but the poise to complement fish and salads. Great with food or as an aperitif; makes a heavenly Kir"

Mr Alastair Black ( 22-Jan-2020 )

SA15601 SA15601 The Liberator 'Cape to Alexandria', Swartland 2019

"This starts with a sauvignon blanc-style sharpness ( I know its Muscat!) but then, as it settles, amazing fruity almond and melon overtones come through - very moreish and difficult to put down. I would definitely recommend decanting ( double if you're drinking it straight away) this just to knock off some of the initial sharpness and don't serve it too cold. Good value given the depth and complexity. My favourite whites are generally Chardonnay-based Burgundies; this is not as creamy but has the complexity"

Mr Alastair Black ( 22-Jan-2020 )

AU22311 AU22311 Blind Spot Barossa Valley Montepulciano Blend 2018

"Quite delicious, lots of elderberry and dark plummy fruit, and a very pleasing mix of old world taste with new world style. Solid enough to have with food (roast lamb maybe) but great on its own too (as I have it now). Great value at the price and will definitely look at other Blind Spot wines."

Mr Ned Awty ( 21-Jan-2020 )

RH53491 RH53491 Grignan-les-Adhémar Blanc Cuvée Gourmandise, Domaine de Montine 2018

"This is a lovely wine - absolutely delicious. A classic blend of Rhone varieties that makes great drinking either as an aperitif or with a meal. A snip at it's current price - up to the standard of wines at twice the price."

Mr Richard Wales ( 21-Jan-2020 )

BU66881 BU66881 Joseph Burrier, Viré-Clessé Quintaine 2016

"Been drinking the 2015. Really enjoyed this. Classic burgundy style, but as it is described, very gentle, in a good way, not overpowering and no oak."

Mr Michael Walker ( 21-Jan-2020 )

LO15401 LO15401 Menetou-Salon Morogues, Domaine Pellé 2018

"This is a lovely, light, subtly fruity wine without the acidic grassy tones often associated with a sav blanc. Would recommend."

Mr Michael Walker ( 21-Jan-2020 )

GE11571 GE11571 Jung & Wild, Dry, Martin Wassmer 2017

"Maybe I was expecting more at this price or maybe it was a dud bottle but the initial hit was of overwhelming acidity - after 20mins or so there was a definite pink grapefruit coming through but it matched poorly with food with the astringent acid mouth feel dominating - have had some cracking German wines from the wine society but wont be reordering this"

Dr Nigel Grunshaw ( 21-Jan-2020 )

FC35401 FC35401 Cabardès Terroirs d'Altitude, Château de Pennautier 2015

"Opened a bottle of the 2009 vintage last week and found this wine to be astonishing value. The body of a good Bordeaux and the wild herbs of the South of France. You can't go wrong at this price especially if you can cellar it for a few years. "

Mr Graeme Farr ( 21-Jan-2020 )

SA14611 SA14611 Percheron Shiraz-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2018

"Very disappointed, I have just compared it to my last bottle of the 2015 vintage and previously a couple of days ago, a bottle of the 2016 vintage. Ignoring the improvements in roundness delivered by the the aging processes for these older examples, the poor acidity balance in this 2018 vintage delivers a much sharper experience which is unlikely to change much as it ages. The underlying character is there in the flavours, but the palette is left with coarseness from tannins (not expected but ok) but the excess acidity predominates, in my opinion a very average to poor wine. The other bottle of 2018 purchased will sadly be used for cooking. The 2015 vintage was undoubtedly the best year so far, lets hope the growing season if more favourable in 2019....., which I will await optimistically, (as this was one of my favourite wines of all time from the society)."

Mr Martin Reeves ( 21-Jan-2020 )

SA14611 SA14611 Percheron Shiraz-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2018

"Very disappointed, I have just compared it to my last bottle of the 2015 vintage and previously a couple of days ago, a bottle of the 2016 vintage. Ignoring the improvements in roundness delivered by the the aging processes for these older examples, the poor acidity balance in this 2018 vintage delivers a much sharper experience which is unlikely to change much as it ages. The underlying character is there in the flavours, but the palette is left with coarseness from tannins (not expected but ok) but the excess acidity predominates, in my opinion a very average to poor wine. The other bottle of 2018 purchased will sadly be used for cooking. The 2015 vintage was undoubtedly the best year so far, lets hope the growing season if more favourable in 2019....., which I will await optimistically, (as this was one of my favourite wines of all time from the society)."

Mr Martin Reeves ( 21-Jan-2020 )

PW7651 PW7651 OMG, Lisboa 2016

"If there's a better value-for-money winter-warmer on the WS list, I've yet to find it!"

Mr Neil Murray ( 21-Jan-2020 )

WA371 WA371 James White Suffolk Bramley Apple Juice

"Has this juice changed over the years? It used to be as the WS description, tart, refreshing and quite dry. Now seems much sweeter with an element of bruised apple about it."

Mr Clive T Couzens ( 21-Jan-2020 )

IT26671 IT26671 Bricco Rosso Suagnà Langhe Rosso 2013

"Not for me. Too sour for my taste. I won't be buying this again, even at this price."

Mr Ray Mount ( 21-Jan-2020 )

CE10131 CE10131 Concha y Toro Corte Ignacio Chimbarongo Syrah 2017

"Don't be put off by some of the slightly scathing reviews, this wine is well-made and enjoyable under the right circumstances. I found it best slightly chilled, perhaps 15/16C. It is by no means typical syrah. It has a thick mouthfeel, almost syrupy. It needs some robust food to accompany it. Thick cuts of rare red meat would probably be best."

Mr Will Barry ( 21-Jan-2020 )

IT25831A IT25831A Etna Rosso Fondo Filara, Nicosia 2016

"The most intriguing red at tonight's tasting. We spent quite a while trying to pinpoint the flavours, until my wife picked out 'horseradish' which sounds really bizarre but the other reviews mention mineral, herbs, savoury and spice... Roll on the roast beef."

Mr Clive T Couzens ( 20-Jan-2020 )

IT27451 IT27451 Greco Basilicata Le Ralle, Alovini 2018

"My favourite Italian white at tonight's tasting. Good fruit, rounded, slightly floral, reasonable price."

Mr Clive T Couzens ( 20-Jan-2020 )

GE12701 GE12701 Weisser Burgunder, Schloss Neuweier 2018

"Food friendly indeed but would very happily drink this on its own"

Mr Clive T Couzens ( 20-Jan-2020 )

GE12761 GE12761 Dr.Loosen Red Slate Riesling, Mosel 2018

"Much more depth of flavour than you would expect of a dry Mosel at this price. Nicely balanced, great value."

Mr Clive T Couzens ( 20-Jan-2020 )

GE12431 GE12431 Dornfelder Trocken, Anselmann 2018

"Perhaps we shouldn't have tasted this after the sweet whites at tonight's tasting, but the brilliant purple colour and enticing nose led on to a really bitter palate - we couldn't finish our modest tasting samples. "

Mr Clive T Couzens ( 20-Jan-2020 )

UR461 UR461 Pisano-Arretxea Grand Reserve Progreso 2011

"Marginally frustrated by difficulties publishing my explanatory, hopefully marginally more eloquent, in short; Hard, astringent, unripe, poorly-managed tannins (no counter-structure; fruit, ripeness, viscosity etc). Nowhere near enough fruit for the structure. Vv poor value, in my eyes. Mean-vintage Old World in style. Buy their significantly better, plusher, cheaper lines. Or get much better value and varietal character and management/understanding/knowledge in Madiran..."

Mr Daniel Lovedale ( 20-Jan-2020 )

FC34431 FC34431 Côtes de Roussillon Villages, Latour de France, Domaine Rancy 2016

"We thought this wine gave us all that an excellent Cotes de Roussillon, or indeed a Collioure, should: it is soft, full but wonderfully dry at the back. Most importantly, the generosity of its flavour persisted throughout the meal. Am on the website because I intend to order some more."

Mr Roger Houchin ( 20-Jan-2020 )

FC35731 FC35731 Jurançon, Geyser, Domaine Cauhapé 2017

"I have been looking forward to trying Jurançon sec for a while now and this did not disappoint. Dry, full and ripe with citrus fruit flavours and a touch of pithiness in the finish. It’s strong in alcohol also but one would not notice unless reading the wine notes. It’s not cheap, and I think some less expensive Vermintinos from Corsica and Italy offer a similar experience, but it is well made and slightly unusual and worth the money."

Mr Mark Jones ( 20-Jan-2020 )

UR501 UR501 Atlántico Sur Garzón Vineyard Maldonado Marselan 2018

"Okay so it’s not a classic. The label indicates more than it delivers. Slight hint of blueberry after a slight metallic initial hint. Slightly unusual but not unpleasant. Definitely drinkable. Medium bodied, I would have said. Somewhat expensive for what you get. Quite interesting."

Mr Stephen Myles ( 20-Jan-2020 )

SH571 SH571 The Society's Fino

"Not sure how the reviews below relate to the bottles we had, the last time the Society's fino was purchased it lived up to its status, this was perfectly drinkable but also very average, obviously a different batch and a below par one, this was no better than other finos available for the same or less elsewhere, the Allegria and Solera where as usual very good. "

Mr John Wigglesworth ( 20-Jan-2020 )

IT26671 IT26671 Bricco Rosso Suagnà Langhe Rosso 2013

"I would agree with almost all the other reviews. Smooth with the bottle age, sour fruit, bit of oak and with the acidity to cut through a fatty Italian pork dish. Not one for drinking on its own, but fair value. "

Dr Philip Dodd ( 20-Jan-2020 )

US8621 US8621 Bogle Vineyard Californian Chardonnay 2018

"Colour: Lustrous golden yellow. Aroma: Open and expressive, lemon, star fruit, mango, pineapple, apricot/marmalade, smoke, butter, toast and mushroom. Taste: Med+ body, dry, the concentrated palate is complex with a melange of ripe fruit blended with a generous hit of oak but not cloying thanks to the lively acidity. The finish is long and smoke driven. Overall: Loved this, the oak and fruit are at one, opened up and evolved beautifully after warming in the glass. An absolute bargain that paired perfectly with a salmon, smoked haddock and vegetable medley. Highly recommend."

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 20-Jan-2020 )

LR131 LR131 Pineau des Charentes, Château d'Orignac

"Colour: Golden orange/honey. Aroma: Strong Cognac nose, orange, marmalade, apricots, dried fruit, musk, fruit cake and spice. Taste: Rich, thick and viscous. The palate is very luscious and sweet with mouth-filling flavours of caramel, fudge and baking spices nicely lifted by a good streak of acidity. The finish is long, hot, spicy and warming. Overall: Really tasty dessert wine, a wine of substance but not heavy or overpowering. I am not a big fan of Cognac but this is hard to put down. A well made, balanced wine, good QPR, worth a try."

Mr Gabriel Higgins ( 20-Jan-2020 )

FC36461 FC36461 Duo du Midi, Pays d'Oc 2018

"Very smooth and fruity. Great value. This and the the Societies Cotes du Rhone, are always on our wine rack. "

Mr Peter J Gibson ( 20-Jan-2020 )

IT27181 IT27181 The Society’s Verdicchio Classico 2018

"The society's Verdicchio has been one of my regular purchases for many years, but my feeling is that the 2018 vintage is not quite upto the standard of earlier vintages (I can remember 2015 and 16 but not 17). The 2018 - to me - doesn't seem to be quite as harmonious in that the balance between the fruit / acidity and body doesn't seem quite right. Hard to put my finger on - but I'm holding off buying another case at the moment, at least until I've tried another bottle (I have 2 left of the 2018). "

Mr T Penn ( 20-Jan-2020 )

CB5391 CB5391 Château de la Grave ‘Caractère', Côtes de Bourg 2015

"As good a £10 Claret as I've had in a long time, lots of fruit in a modern style that you normally have to spend a lot more to achieve and good structure too with interesting flavour development on the tongue. Preferable to the more traditional style of the Bel Air from the same case, to my taste buds."

Mr Ned Awty ( 19-Jan-2020 )

CB5821 CB5821 Château Rose Gadis, Bordeaux 2018

"Black cherry; vanilla; at this price you've got to say this is breathtaking value; it will probably be unavailable next time I try to order it."

Mr Alexander Batteson ( 19-Jan-2020 )

US8941 US8941 Bogle Vineyards California Merlot 2017

"Very full on red wine, jammy at first but this dissipates as the complex fruit cedar and smokiness come through. Nothing like a French Merlot, more like a Chilean but even more so. Sweeter then a Zin. Approach with caution, but good."

Mr Charles Stokes ( 19-Jan-2020 )

MX19322 MX19322 Clearance Reds Case

"Seemed a good price for what was on offer, Vallee de l Argo, Shiraz, Doido all living up to expectations but struggling with the Carmenere-acidic & slightly fizzy-hoping just a one off!"

Mr Matthew Laws ( 19-Jan-2020 )

AR3901 AR3901 Mendel Mendoza Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

"An excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. Complex and fruity. Very good value."

Mr Roland Russell ( 19-Jan-2020 )

NZ11741 NZ11741 Dog Point Marlborough Pinot Noir 2017

"This is one of the finest Pinot noir I have tasted. Light and fruity. Terrific "

Mr Roland Russell ( 19-Jan-2020 )

LE1051 LE1051 Chateau Musar 2012

"A very full bodied wine and easy to drink. A nice fruity taste but a little sweet to get 5 stars "

Mr Roland Russell ( 19-Jan-2020 )

GR1361 GR1361 Black Kalavryta, Tetramythos 2017

"I agree with the reviewer who said "'Very Greek was the comment of those who shared my bottle, but I have to admit I was somewhat underwhelmed. Not that is was unpleasant; quite the opposite. But not very distinctive. " Reminds me of holiday wine - very ordinary. "

Mr Robert Purry ( 19-Jan-2020 )

BG331 BG331 Young & Wild Broadleaf Melnik, Villa Melnik 2018

"I dont get it but I confess to not being an expert. To me its fizzy and rough but there we are. "

Mr Robert Purry ( 19-Jan-2020 )

PW7861 PW7861 Bacalhôa Moscatel de Setubal Superior 2002

"This is a delightfully complex fortified muscat, with layers of nuts and dried fruits. Pretty good value at £20 for a full bottle and something that can be kept a while in the fridge to enjoy in small portions. "

Mr Nick Foster ( 19-Jan-2020 )

SH441 SH441 Romate Maribel A Selection of Amontillado Medium Dry

"The Wine Society's description is spot on. I can see that for some, looking for a clean and simple taste, the complexity, weight and salt-caramel taste tones might be overpowering or off-putting; but if you are looking for "layer upon layer of diverse, delicious flavours and is a steal at the price" then you've found it all right. It has a resounding finish."

Mr Keith Evetts ( 19-Jan-2020 )

SP14721 SP14721 Astobiza Txacoli, Alava 2018

"4* for quality but 5* for value. Really delicious with fresh tangy citric and floral flavours and with good weight and finish."

Mr John R Alpine ( 19-Jan-2020 )

CS11052 CS11052 Half bottle of Château de la Commanderie, Lalande-de-Pomerol 2015

"This wine was the standout of the wine society 6 French red halves collection for me. I think the description by the wine society is spot on with this, 'lovely, easy-drinking fruity claret'. Maybe not profound, or particularly complex, but has a Pomerol like succulence, and nice freshness... nothing over-extracted - good wine to have in a half-bottles....ordered several more."

Mr Adrian Burgess ( 19-Jan-2020 )

GE12371 GE12371 The Society's Ruppertsberg 2018

"Full of flavour and excellent value as always from the WS. Bought on a whim as not used to this style but pleased I took the risk!"

Mr Adam Bastock ( 19-Jan-2020 )

PW7691 PW7691 M.O.B. Lote 3, Dão 2016

"I agree with other reviewers that it's quite subtle, but it's almost to the extent that it has no taste. I found it disappointing compared with other Dao reds."

Mr David Blake ( 19-Jan-2020 )

SA14911 SA14911 Painted Wolf Pictus V Cape White Blend, Coastal 2016

"Really like this wine and the style. It has great depth and complexity without being over bearing. "

Mr Jake Capper ( 19-Jan-2020 )

NZ11181 NZ11181 Mission Estate Hawke's Bay Syrah 2018

"Certainly it was fresh, the black currant was clearly evident and there was a lot going on in the initial mouthful but I felt it fell away, not to be unexpected as it isn’t an expensive wine after all. I ended up feeling it was too fresh and almost rustic in the finish and I have to say I didn’t overly enjoy the overall taste, it felt metallic and quite raw. The black pepper and olives references feel accurate but I think it needed slightly more weight which seems bizarre when talking through a Syrah. Unfortunately I have come across a couple of wine society choices like this recently where you can tick all the boxes on the nose but as you taste the wine it falls away and leaves not too much behind... I think it’s me !!!!!"

Mr Jan de Clare ( 19-Jan-2020 )

FC36631 FC36631 Merlot, Domaine du Bosc, Pays d'Oc 2018

"Well, you could say spicy, but for me the price is reflected in the price."

Professor Adrian C Freeman ( 18-Jan-2020 )

SA15221 SA15221 Perdebee Shiraz, Darling 2015

"Sweet. Rich. Full. Amazing value for money. Will age I am sure. An astonishing wine to savour. "

Mr Angus Dunn ( 18-Jan-2020 )

CE10421 CE10421 Tabalí Micas Peumo Carmenère 2015

"Awesome. Great value. Deep and tasty "

Mr Rupert Penry-Jones ( 18-Jan-2020 )

US8311 US8311 Brazin Lodi Old-Vine Zinfandel 2016

"Excellent stuff. Blows away other Zin’s double the price tag."

Mr Steven Thomas ( 18-Jan-2020 )


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