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EN1411 EN1411 Blackbook Winery, The Mixup 2018

"Freddy is right - a marmite wine - I loved the sharpness and flavour - my wife didn't - all the more for me"

Mr Peter Evans ( 14-Sep-2019 )

IT27741 IT27741 Morellino di Scansano, Podere 414 2017

"Delicious and moreish, but powerful so take care!. Some Morellino’s are light and fruity - not this one. Slight nose - kid skin leather, hints of dark fruit, the latter full on the palate - cherry, black currant, bramble. Hefty tannins and good length with the fruit to the fore - this wine would keep well, but why not just enjoy with pasta and meat or blue cheese sauce right now. Great value for cracking wine. "

Mr Steve Cropper ( 14-Sep-2019 )

IT27291 IT27291 Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo, Contesa 2018

"Pink Montepulciano. You can drink it on its own or with more or less anything. It even wouldn’t shy away from a nicely spiced Indian dish. Think Tavel at half the price and you won’t be far away. Dark pink, smoky cherries, full and long. Just gorgeous. "

Mr Rupert Fairclough ( 14-Sep-2019 )

LO14901 LO14901 Touraine Sauvignon Blanc ‘Les Hauts Lieux', Famille Bougrier 2018

"Good quality Sauvignon: dry with hints of fruit and a clean finish"

Mr Hilary Davan-Wetton ( 14-Sep-2019 )

FC36941 FC36941 Marcillac ‘Lo Sang del Pais', Domaine du Cros 2018

"Marcillac was awarded AOC status in 1990, somewhat to the surprise of many a wine cognoscento. This wine is made from the Mansois grape aka Fer Servadou and whilst light and fairly pleasant, exhibits the typical metallic nuance which may come from the soil, or the grape ... They’re allowed to grow Cab Sauv and Cab Franc too, but they don’t. Alcoholic Ribena Light would be a little rude but it’s not great. If you’ve never drunk Marcillac, you probably should, if only for the tick list!"

Mr Rupert Fairclough ( 14-Sep-2019 )

AU21391 AU21391 Blind Spot Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2018

"further to my earlier review-another bottle tasted. The same. Watery to be brutal. If I had to liken it to another wine-difficult-I suppose I'd say muscadet. I'm a fan of muscadet and of Mac and the comparison doesn't do justice to good muscadet but it is a very retrained wine. Matthew Jukes is welcome to come over to my place and taste. Citrus yada. No, watery. For goodness sake don't serve it a little cold or there will be no taste at all. Very strange. And I thought the low alcohol was a good sign-these days it often is... interested to hear what other members think..."

Mr Rory Todd ( 14-Sep-2019 )

GN281 GN281 The Society's London Dry Gin 70cl

"A lovely refreshing gin with botanicals. Great value and as good if not better than some of the expensive guns on the market and we’ve tried many. We will definitely be reordering."

Mrs Anne Macfie ( 14-Sep-2019 )

LO15151 LO15151 Touraine Rouge 'La Croix Angier', Alpha Loire 2018

"Lovely wine one of the best reds i have drank. Just had it with a meal of vegetarian sausages."

Mr Ken Smith ( 14-Sep-2019 )

RH53911 RH53911 Duché d'Uzès les Perrasières, Domaine Camp Galhan 2017

"Superb value for money Ripe bramble fruit, nice herbal 'garrigue' style, spicy notes and soft integrated tannins, hints of smokiness on the palate.. Upcoming appellation in the north of southern Rhone"

Mr Raymond J Smith ( 14-Sep-2019 )

GR1421 GR1421 Thymiopoulos Rapsani Terra Petra 2016

"Can't argue with previous reviews - this is an excellent wine. I was reminded of a southern Italian wine such a decent Primitivo, as this is quite fruit-forward. Yet its distinctive, with a herbal notes and an appealing bouquet. Others have described it well, I would simply say get a bottle and try it for yourself. "

Prof Michael Simmons ( 14-Sep-2019 )

AA2331 AA2331 Rainer Wess Alte Reben Grüner Veltliner, Kremstal 2017

"just a clarify having been drinking Gruner Veltliner since 1998 i found the style of wine out dated and of poor quality but drinkable its a style that took me back to t1998 when GV wasn't well known i know plenty about this grape i could name the producers in Austria that i know personally and one of those i asked personally to get a bottle [which he did ] have tasted better quality wines from this country at cheaper prices including many on this website that was my point ;not great value for money from this region ?"

Mr Jonathan Wilson ( 14-Sep-2019 )

GR881 GR881 Ionos Greek White Wine

"Taste is so individual but my wife and I loved this wine. Just bought some more. We found it fruity and full of flavour. Easy to drink on its own or with food. To our mind it drinks more like a £10 bottle. "

Mr John Robins ( 14-Sep-2019 )

CM16151 CM16151 Château Angludet, Margaux 2011

"First taste of a Margaux and very impressed. Left it in the ETO overnight. Dark colour, black fruit, toffee, nose, taste blackcurrant, raisins, sweetness. Overall delicious. Have no experience to confirm if this will get even better, but I would be happy to drink this now."

Mr Gordon Allan ( 14-Sep-2019 )

HU1421 HU1421 Pinot Noir, Ostoros 2017

"Great summer red, and great value for money "

Mr Tristan Heywood ( 13-Sep-2019 )

SA14371 SA14371 A Fistful of Schist Reserve Shiraz-Cinsault-Mourvèdre, Swartland 2018

"This is a very different beast from the previous vintage which I found instantly forgettable. Ripe, mouthfilling, long and remarkably moreish which is a worry at 14.5%. A really good bottle of wine for the price. "

Dr Philip Dodd ( 13-Sep-2019 )

IT28061 IT28061 Biferno Rosso Riserva Palladino 2015

"Lovely generous wine with warm tones of ripe dark berries on the nose as well as on the palate. Highly recommended. "

Mr Hans Bergstrom ( 13-Sep-2019 )

SL171 SL171 Modra Frankina, Dveri Pax 2012

"Full-bodied and fruity with a whiff of tar. Fairly deep purple showing no sign of age. Plum, dark cherry and mulberry Aromas fill the nose. Plenty of spicy notes on the palate compliment the fruity nature of the wine. Finishes with an earthy, tarry aftertaste that adds structure. An interesting find from Slovenia "

Mr Keith Bond ( 13-Sep-2019 )

AL14531 AL14531 Pinot Gris 'Les Prélats' Domaine Ginglinger 2017

"Lovely wine with duck breast. Whole table loved it. Certainly not dry but lovely and rich on the palate. Third time of purchase across a couple of vintages. And will certainly buy again."

Mrs Sheila G Woods ( 13-Sep-2019 )

IT27491 IT27491 Chianti Classico, Fontodi 2016

"Went to Fontodi this morning. The best Classico yet. Undoubtedly. There's nothing else to say. Bar, Flaccianello 16 isn't too bad either... "

Mr Daniel Lovedale ( 13-Sep-2019 )

SG2821 SG2821 3B Rosado Filipa Pato

"Well made wine. Good deep pink colour , palate gives little fruit and finish is short. I was expecting ,ore from this renowned producer"

Mr Rafael Goncalves ( 13-Sep-2019 )

AR3691 AR3691 Weinert Tonel 111 Malbec 1994

"Bought this in the EP offering and have not regretted it. Drinking well now, you wouldn't believe it was so old though! Incredible purple rim just showing faintest hint of turning. We have had 2 in magnum and they have both been wonderful. Aromas of cigar-box and stewed fruit with some smokiness. Rich and concentrated and beyond description really. I am sometimes put off by Malbec as I can find it too inky and powerful. This balances the obvious strength of the grape and renders a concentrated, long, wine that is also balanced and mellow. Without a doubt the best Malbec I have had to date. TWS once again pull of an absolute winner at a more than favourable price."

Dr Lorin B Davies ( 13-Sep-2019 )

FC36031 FC36031 Rosé Duo des Plages, Vin de France 2018

"One of the best value for money rosés on the Wine Society, great for a summer's day and would highly recommend to anyone who's having a party. Dry and light and goes great with a bbq. "

Mr Jonathan Edwards ( 13-Sep-2019 )

HU1381 HU1381 Rosé Cuvée Villány, Heumann 2018

"Really lovely wine, that I'd highly recommend. Received this as part of the mixed rosé case and was incredibly surprised that this ended up being my favourite. Different to a lot of rosés out there on the market with a slight sweetness to it. On the nose it's pretty jammy with lots of red fruit for a rosé but it's not overly sweet and you can easily drink bottles and bottles of the stuff on a hot summer's day. In the summer I'd definitely recommend someone to try this wine especially if you're a keen rosé drinker. "

Mr Jonathan Edwards ( 13-Sep-2019 )

AA2331 AA2331 Rainer Wess Alte Reben Grüner Veltliner, Kremstal 2017

"A very satisfying mid-priced Gruner, which delivers the usual aromatics, nice acidity, white pepper and fullness that those who know this type of wine came to expect. Gruner Veltliner will become more famous and internationally grown in not too distant future. "

Mr Sinisa Stankovic ( 12-Sep-2019 )

FC36921 FC36921 Bandol Rosé, Dupuy de Lôme 2018

"A very nice rose indeed - much more serious than usual, structured and intense, yet still pleasant. If a rose can justify its relatively high price in - this is the one! "

Mr Sinisa Stankovic ( 12-Sep-2019 )

GR1511 GR1511 Seméli Mantinia Nassiakos 2018

"Garrigue. Mediterranean herbs, heady sage and surprising notes of caraway. "

Mr Tim Potts ( 12-Sep-2019 )

NZ10391 NZ10391 The Society's Exhibition New Zealand Chardonnay 2017

"In my trawl through the WS’s Kiwi Chardonnays in pursuit of a Burgundian equivalent, my second stop was this one (after Kumeu village win which was v decent for a £10 bottle). This is very good indeed, such a great example of quality / value as I assume the “exhibition” label is meant to represent (the Chianti equivalent does not). This is rich, buttery, bizarrely it is somewhat petrolly in an old riesling way, but it is not old. It is muscular in a Meursalt fashion, no femininity just guts with a subtle finish. It would benefit from another year in the bottle to knit the oak in, but that is not a criticism. 5 stars here because it is £15, I keep going up the price range hunting for a Puligny equivalent. Stay tuned, but well done WS on this one."

Mr Stephen Wilkinson ( 12-Sep-2019 )

SP14651 SP14651 Pazo de Villarei Albariño, Rías Baixas 2018

"Clean, fresh and delightful as an accompaniment to smoked salmon tagliatelli and cavolo nero - makes ya wanna have seconds!"

Mr Peete Stewart ( 12-Sep-2019 )

US8481 US8481 Peltier Ranch Lodi Reserve Pinot Noir 2018

"Strangely, given the reviews, I did not enjoy this, neither did my husband. We drink wine most days, and aren’t particularly fussy, just want drinkable everyday wine at around the eight quid mark. We didn’t finish this one, and opened another different one. . Glad I only ordered the one! We aren’t sophisticated wine drinkers so maybe we’re missing something, but for what it’s worth, this was a disappointing choice on my part. "

Mrs Deirdre J Coward ( 12-Sep-2019 )

US8481 US8481 Peltier Ranch Lodi Reserve Pinot Noir 2018

"I can only echo the previous two reviewers. This is a fantastic wine for the price. I have been searching for a Pinot that has a genuinely Burgundian flavour at a price I can afford for years. Found it at last!"

Mr David J Hill ( 12-Sep-2019 )

EN1331 EN1331 Camel Valley Atlantic Dry 2017

"Great summer wine. We enjoyed it for aperitif. Floral and fresh."

Mrs Alexa Pearson ( 12-Sep-2019 )

BU71251 BU71251 Domaine Guillemot-Michel, Viré-Clessé Quintaine 2017

"I enjoyed the 2016 Vintage of this wine. Good fruit and balance. However, I am disappointed with the first bottle I have opened of 2017. It is much leaner with high acidity and therefore not nearly as good as its predecessor. Will it improve or not with time?"

Mr Denis F Desmond ( 12-Sep-2019 )

RH53381 RH53381 Lirac Blanc La Fermade, Domaine Maby 2018

"Not to my taste. Seemed tired and lacking in any freshness or vitality as described. Seemed almost oxidised - perhaps just a bad bottle."

Mr Paul Catling ( 11-Sep-2019 )

LO14801 LO14801 Saint-Pourçain La Réserve Spéciale 2017

"Great light-med red (Pinot Noir lovers) and at that £7-8 range - thus everyday drinking when you get home from work. NIce and light and goes well with a quick steak and salad followed by cheese kitchen sups...."

Mr Ian Massey ( 11-Sep-2019 )

IT25611 IT25611 Regaleali Bianco, Tasca d'Almerita 2017

"Perfectly pleasant middle of the road wine but nothing very memorable about it. You get what you pay for I guess. Far better value in the WS catalogue in this price range , for white wine of this general nature!"

Mr Terence Eastham ( 11-Sep-2019 )

CE10501 CE10501 Undurraga TH Maule Garnacha-Cariñena-Monastrell 2015

"Will be much improved in a few years time so perhaps it's unfair to review now: currently rather new-world fruity & oaky, or perhaps needs decanting? Unless of course you like your wine with 'up front' clean and direct flavours in which case this wine delivers. I dont want a refund and look forward to trying another bottle after some years in the wine rack. "

Mr Tim Potts ( 11-Sep-2019 )

IT26291 IT26291 Baccolo Appassimento Rosso Veneto 2017

"Fantastic wine - whole party loved it. Will buy again"

Mrs Keris De Villiers ( 11-Sep-2019 )

FC36431 FC36431 Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine Félines-Jourdan 2018

"Really good value - light and refreshing "

Mrs Keris De Villiers ( 11-Sep-2019 )

IT26291 IT26291 Baccolo Appassimento Rosso Veneto 2017

"We enjoyed this wine very much. It is dry and a tiny bit of fizz but is lovely to the taste."

Mr Roger Warren ( 11-Sep-2019 )

CB5581A CB5581A Château Savariaud, Bordeaux 2016

"It has a quite distinctive taste and a slight port vibe gives it a strong finish."

Mr Dawid Zielonka ( 10-Sep-2019 )

PW7481 PW7481 Quinta de Porrais Sete Vales, Douro 2018

"This is a delightful dry white. Might even surplant muscadet in being our go to white!"

Dr M Porcheret ( 10-Sep-2019 )

IT25321 IT25321 Vermentino Sicilia, Mandrarossa 2017

"Lots of flavour and lots of interest for the price here. Really ripe with stone fruit and melon flavours but delicious limey acidity keeping everything fresh. Pleasant touch of oiliness to the mouthfeel. Disappears quickly, would be a real crowd pleaser. Excellent value for money. "

Mrs Trish Lorimer ( 10-Sep-2019 )

PW7501 PW7501 Ponte de Lima Loureiro, Vinho Verde 2018

"We like Portuguese wines. This is a very good Vinho Verde . Well balanced, with just a prickle of fizz, and refreshing. Terrific value for money."

Dr Paul Rasor ( 10-Sep-2019 )

BU69292 BU69292 Half Bottle of Domaine Mallory et Benjamin Talmard, Mâcon-Villages 2017

"Subtle, but delicious Macon Chardonnay. Hints of melon and white flowers and a lovely texture. "

Mr Nick Foster ( 10-Sep-2019 )

IT27601 IT27601 Grato Grati Rosso Toscana Vecchia Annata 2006

"A 'Super Tuscan' pushing credibility regarding 'value for money' (depends on the depth of your pockets in anyway). But blimey it's excellent, and as TWS say... drinking perfectly. Sangiovese doesn't get any better."

Mr Tim Potts ( 10-Sep-2019 )

IT26671 IT26671 Bricco Rosso Suagnà Langhe Rosso 2013

"Dithering whether to give this 2 or 3 stars. I loved the 2010 and 2011 but this new one is much thinner. The aroma is still very inviting but the taste is really disappointing. A shame because I was excited to see it back in stock and I bought 6 bottles. Only holding off 2 stars because I'm waiting to try the second one of six that I bought in case it's better."

Mr James Hilton Clegg ( 10-Sep-2019 )

NZ10671 NZ10671 Left Field Gisborne Albariño 2018

"Lovely wine, excellent value. Crisp and fruity with some minerality. Good weight."

Mr Simon Trickett ( 09-Sep-2019 )

CB5651 CB5651 Château Lamothe Saint Germain, Bordeaux 2017

"Tastes very young but is showing all the reliable characteristics of this extremely reliable claret, which has become one’s house claret. Just had some with cold roast chicken and then a ripe Brie and it held its own very well. Four and, I am sure, potentially five stars for quality and dependability."

Father David Lawrence-March ( 09-Sep-2019 )

SP14011 SP14011 La Rioja Alta Viña Ardanza Reserva, Rioja 2009

"I ordered half a dozen of these and so far Ive enjoyed each one (only one left now, sadly). I support the general enthusiasm for this excellent Rioja and don’t recognise the criticism of over-ripeness"

Mr Roger Wilson ( 09-Sep-2019 )

SP14651 SP14651 Pazo de Villarei Albariño, Rías Baixas 2018

"I’ve tried many Albariño and this is the first one that lives up to the hype. Refreshing acidity balanced with plenty of lovely fruit - peach, lemon and apple. Medium bodied and a reasonably long finish. Excellent value for money. Just about to have our second bottle with salmon fillet."

Mr Gary Carter ( 09-Sep-2019 )

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