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Our passion is to bring you delicious wines from the best of the world's vineyards at a fair price. Each year, our buyers travel all over the globe to find new high-quality, interesting and good-value wines, and we normally have around 1,500 examples for you to explore. These come from classic regions like Bordeaux, Burgundy and Italy as well as on-trend locations like Marlborough in New Zealand, and lesser-known areas well worth exploring.

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Wine from the Bordeaux region in France shows far greater diversity in character, style and price than many give it credit for. This vast region's reds range from lesser-known appellations like Bourg and Blaye, to approachable, early-drinking petits châteaux, more innovative communes such as the...
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The Burgundy region in France is home to some of the world's finest wines. Reds are made using the pinot noir grape, and are usually light in colour with good acidity and pleasing perfumed aromas. These sensual red wines can take a while to get to know but are well worth it. White Burgundy is...
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Substance, generosity and sun-ripened fruit are the essence of wines from the Rhône region in France, which is split into two unequal parts: north and south. The smaller north – including the likes of Crozes-Hermitage and Cornas – uses the syrah grape for spicy reds, makes rich, full whites from...
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South of France

This vast region produces nearly three times as much wine as Bordeaux, and the Languedoc-Roussillon alone accounts for about a third of all French wine made. Our southern French range includes great-value gems from a region that is able to produce some exceptional bottles and more characterful fine...
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As France's most famous sparkling wine region, there is a lot of choice and variety available from Champagne, and our range includes our own benchmark Society- label, celebratory `party' styles, the famous grande marque houses, and the excellent and distinctive grower Champagnes which highlight the...
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The Loire is the longest river in France, stretching 1,000km from its source in the south to the Atlantic coast west of Nantes. The geology and climate varies dramatically along the length of the Loire, and, as a result, so does the choice of grapes planted and the style of wines produced. Whites...
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At its best, there is little that can match the fragrant fruity flavours of wines from the Beaujolais region in France, which isn't far from the more famous Burgundy. The overwhelming majority are red, made using the gamay grape, and many are even more delicious when lightly chilled. These are...
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    Alsace and Lorraine

    Our award-winning Alsace range reflects the long and fruitful history we've enjoyed with this exceptional French wine region. Surprisingly, Alsace wines are still sadly misunderstood. However, an Alsace label is one of the easiest to read: unlike other parts of France where wines take their name...
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      Chile is 3,000 miles long, spanning most climates, so it has ideal growing conditions for most of the world's grape varieties. It first became known for cabernet sauvignon and merlot, but now the Rhône varieties grenache, syrah, mourvèdre and cinsault are very successful too, as well as the...
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        Italy's wines are wonderfully diverse Each one of its 23 regions has its own story to tell and its own native grape varieties as you would expect from a nation of individualists. The Italians' long history and stubborn campanilismo (hometown pride) has developed 330 recognised DOC...
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        The Spanish wine scene is going through exciting times. Its 67 regions are full of dynamic, talented winemakers who are making more and more delicious and individual wines for us to enjoy, from coastal, seafood-friendly albariño to silky Rioja. Such a diverse country is not easily summed up but you...
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        New Zealand

        Given the relentless popularity of Marlborough sauvignons, it might surprise you to discover that New Zealand only produces around 1.2% of the world's wine! Aside from sauvignon, the country is also increasingly popular for its pinot noir, syrah and aromatic white grapes like pinot gris, and the...
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          Given Australia's immense size (you could fit 30 United Kingdoms into its vast landmass!) it's not surprising that climates and growing conditions vary wildly, which is great news for diverse winemaking! The climate of individual regions has the greatest influence on wine style, and a little...
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          Riesling has many aspects. In Germany in 2013 it was aromatic, bright, fresh and bracing. In most regions a small crop of mostly Kabinett quality was made, together with attractive dry wines. Both are gastronomically useful because they go so well with food as well as making fine aperitifs....
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            As well as a go-to summer holiday destination, Portugal is finally getting the credit it deserves as a wine lovers' treasure trove, and fruit-filled, authentic Portuguese wine can compete with anywhere in the world. The unique flavours that are the hallmark of Portugal's indigenous grape varieties...
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              Argentina is famed for its bold and fruity everyday reds, but explore a little further and you'll find that this dynamic country is capable of so much more. A winemaking revolution in the 1990s saw Argentina's winemakers set their focus firmly on quality over quantity, so you're now just as likely...
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                South Africa

                'Dynamic' is the only way to describe the Cape's current wine scene: an ever-changing picture driven by innovative producers striving for constant improvement. Their enthusiasm is infectious, the quality and value outstanding. Look out for various international grape varieties and the country's two...
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                  Our American selection focuses on wines that express balance, elegance and terroir. With wines from California, Oregon, Washington and Virginia this selection showcases the variety in styles the USA has to offer. Sarah Knowles...
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